King’s Trail Tours

The wild god points to your side.
You are bleeding heavily.
You have been bleeding for a long time,
Possibly since you were born.
There is a bear in the wound.

Excerpt from Sometimes A Wild God by Tom Hirons.

Here at King’s Trail Tours we’re Arctic Wilderness and Mindfulness experts. Here you can unplug from the modern world, and experience the rawness of nature and the rawness of being, in the magical Swedish Arctic.

We guide you through transformational experiences, as we travel through this majestic, mountainous landscape.

It’s other-worldly – an ancient, timeless and beautiful one. Even the air has an ancient, clear crispness to it.

Our tours are perfect for beginners to the wilderness – who want to get that true remote experience.

Read about, and book our hiking tours here, and our ski tours here.

On our trips you’ll:

  • Travel on foot or ski
  • Learn and practice mindfulness techniques
  • Travel in silence during the mornings
  • Practice wilderness skills – fire building, navigation, avalanche awareness etc.
  • Pay attention to the landscape and your feelings
  • Learn about the landscape, and our place in it
  • Learn to feel a deeper sense of self and rooted-ness
  • Practice guided breathing and guided meditation exercises
  • Collect your own water
  • Chop wood
  • Be assigned collective group tasks
  • Connect to the group by learning to share yourself and your feelings in group check-ins.
  • Travel with experienced guides and coaches
  • Have the chance to climb Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise
  • Visit the magical & famous frontier village of Abisko
  • Observe the northern lights (Autumn/Winter/Spring only).
  • Travel along one of the worlds most famous long-distance trails
  • Chance to see Golden Eagles, Moose, Reindeer, Lemmings, Ptarmigan and Hazel Grouse
  • Stay in beautiful wooden wilderness cabins
  • Relax in a wilderness saunas after a satisfying day outside
  • Not see a road or an electric light, or hear a car for days
  • Breathe clean pure air

Read about, and book our hiking tours here, and our ski tours here.

Kungsleden Hiking Trail - Northern Section - Highest Point

There’s no one way to meditate. We’ve learnt that we feel most clear in a moving meditation in the wilderness. Here we’re not being still, observing our feelings and letting them go. We are moving, feeling and expressing our feelings. Moving has the effect of helping us move through them.

Kungsleden Trail Swedish Lapland - Summer Season - Running Water & Birch Forest

Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.
He is awkward and does not know the ways
Of porcelain, of fork and mustard and silver.
His voice makes vinegar from wine
And brings the dead to life.

Read about, and book our hiking tours here, and our ski tours here.

Kungsleden Swedish Lapland - View near Salka - Arctic Tundra Tour