Our Tours

In the wilderness, removed of all distractions of the modern world you can hear yourself, and find a deeper sense of who you are. We take you on a specially crafted journey through a rough, rugged and raw landscape, where we peel away at your layers and find a truer expression of yourself.

The challenging expedition coupled with the stark beauty gives you access to new parts of yourself, or primal feelings which come to the surface to be witnessed, and burned off.

We use the journey through the landscape as a moving meditation. Coupled with mindfulness and coaching techniques, we help you move through blocks in your life. The rawness of the landscape and lack of distraction means that you are with only your feelings.

We focus on feeling and moving through these. Touching and expressing them in a group setting is powerful, and gives clarity, self-trust and insight, helping you make meaningful changes in life. We are your guides in this process.

Our tours are mainly along the northern section of Kungsleden, a world-famous long-distance path in the Swedish Arctic, a world like no other, in one of Europe’s last great wildernesses. We often spend the mornings moving in silence.

We work with small and intimate groups, and on many of our tours you can experience 24hrs daylight, or if the sun has set, northern lights. We stay in comfortable mountain huts, making the trips suitable for beginners and people used to the mountains.

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