One on One Coaching

As a scientific technician I honed my skills of precision and attention to detail. As a highly sensitive person I’m affected by everything in my environment including other people. This high level of sensitivity and attention has me feel and name what I sense within my clients. Through this I bring complex problems through to their natural solution.

My focused attention and ability to hold intense energy helps my clients dive deep into themselves to open up and feel more—therefor becoming more alive in the world. I help you become your best-self, get the relationships you want and the things you desire.

Areas of expertise:
-relationships and intimacy
-stuffing down feelings and/or not being aware of emotions at all
-being stuck in your head and unable to feel into your body
-overworked and dissatisfied with work and life
-feeling unworthy of having what you really want and care about in life
-childhood trauma, disconnection, isolation

My clients are those who are ready and willing to take an honest look at themselves and go on a powerful inward journey of their own, with me as their guide.

If you’re ready to fully commit to the truth of who you are then fill out the form below. Once I review your application, we’ll set up a free exploratory call to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

Testimonial: I have been getting coaching from Robert for around a year now, and I am endlessly impressed with how much my calls with him help me in my life. He holds gentle yet firm Aaronspace for my process, and offers well-placed insight, encouragement and deep support as well as unwavering belief in me. I have been coached by several different people over the last 4 years, and I have experienced more opening, more empowerment, more focus, purpose and energy in my life as a result of getting coaching from Robert, more than any other coach I have worked with. I pay a significant amount of money to Robert each month for this service, and what I get in return is worth so much more than I pay. I’m so lucky to have him as my life coach, and I recommend him to anyone seeking any sort of upgrade in their personal development or support in their life challenges. – Aaron, NC, USA 7/13/2018