Hike Kungsleden in the Swedish Arctic

Unplug. Recharge. Re-wild.

Mindful Meditation Retreat in the Wilderness

Travel 70 miles / 110km along the Kungsleden and through the tundra, staying in comfortable mountain huts, where we will cook communally, chop wood, sooth our muscles in the sauna, and cool off in fresh water with mountains all around. Join us in the Swedish Arctic, the land of the midnight sun…

June 13th to June 22nd now Sold Out
June 24th to July 3rd – Space Available
July 18th to July 27th – Space Available
August 11th to August 20th – Space Available
September 5th to September 14th – Space Available

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You’ll learn:

– Honest communication (group check-ins throughout each day)
– Presence, awareness, mindfulness, self-trust
– New facility with your emotions and those of others
– Deeper insight and understanding of yourself
– SEVA (selfless-service: leaving huts in better shape than we found them)
– Noble silence (enjoying the stillness of the landscape and being with your mind)
– Resourcefulness, problem-solving
– Teamwork, relationship building, leadership
– Wilderness skills (fire lighting, wood chopping, river-crossing and navigation)



Kungsleden is a world-famous long-distance path in Northern Sweden. We will hike 67 miles / 108 km from Nikkaluotka to Abisko, with an optional day tour to the top of Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain.

We will meet in Kiruna, and end the hike in Nikkaluokta. Each day we will hike completely unplugged. We will fully immerse ourselves in the wilderness, the challenge and each other.

Every night we will stay in comfortable mountain huts, each a day’s journey apart. We will cook and eat communally, soothe our muscles in the sauna and cool off in freshwater with the stillness of the mountains all around you. Around midsummer you will experience all this under the ethereal and other-worldly midnight sun, and experience like no other, whilst in September you will bathe under the stars with the Northern Lights dancing overhead, a truly magical experience.

Most huts have a sauna, with nearby cold dunk in a stream or lake. Saunas are clothing-optional and powered by the wood that we will chop ourselves. We’ll eat lunch at the halfway points—at emergency shelters or at a picturesque spot outside. In the evening you’ll sample the local delicacy of smoked reindeer, as we sit around under candlelight sharing our experiences of the day.




Day 1: Arrival in Kiruna, Transfer to Abisko

Day 2:     Abisko to Abiskojaure – 9mi / 15km

Day 3: Abiskojaure to Alesjaure – 13mi / 21km

Day 4: Alesjaure to Tjaktja – 8mi / 13km

Day 5: Tjaktja to Salka – 7.5mi / 12km

Day 6: Salka to Singi – 7.5mi / 12km

Day 7: Singi to Kebnekaise – 9 mi / 15km

Day 8: Day at Kebnekaise Mountain Station – Day trip, Summit Kebnekaise or Rest Day

Day 9: Kebnekaise to Nikkaluotka – 12mi / 19km

Day 10: Transfer to Kiruna & tour ends



No previous outdoor experience is required however a reasonable level of fitness is. Physically, you need to be able to walk 10 miles a day (being able to run for 45 minutes is a good guide). You must be willing and able to carry a backpack weighing approximately 10kg. You must be willing to take on a challenge and a new adventure.

Space is limited – intimate group sizes of 6 – 8 people.

Female hiker with snow covered mountains and autumn colors in southern end of Tjäktjavagge on Kungsleden trail, Lappland, Sweden

What’s included:
– All food and shared lodging
– Connecting travel once you arrive in Kiruna
– Safety gear
– Swedish Tourist Association Membership
– Two group calls before the hike to discuss logistics and to sync up as a team before we travel

Not included:
– Travel to/from Kiruna, Sweden
– Warm clothing, backpack & thermos (you will receive a kit list before you travel)
-Individual travel insurance

To discuss a tour schedule a call with me here.

All tours subject to change – itinerary is for guide purposes. Actual route may vary due to weather/group/business of trail etc. It will be tailored to give you the best possible experience.