Getting Here

We’re based in the very North of Sweden.

Kiruna is our local airport,you can fly here from Stockholm, or take the night train. There are a couple of flights and a couple of trains per day. Most tours will begin or end in the village of Abisko on the edge of Abisko National Park. Included in your trip are transfers to/from Kiruna.

Narvik airport in Northern Norway is an alternative. You will have to arrange your own transfer from here (bus/train/taxi) & this may require staying an extra night on departure.

There are flights from the US to Stockholm/Oslo/Copenhagen, and from the UK you can also fly to Gothenburg.

You may also begin the tour in Abisko, if you arrive on your own at the correct time. Details of your individual trip will be sent out after your booking.

There is a night train from Gothenburg to Abisko, which travels via Stockholm and Kiruna. There is one direct train per day, and an additional train which requires one easy change. You can book a private cabin on one train, and shared cabins on both. I highly recommend this way of traveling. Tickets can be booked at:

Approximate time on the train is 18 hrs from Stockholm, 24hrs from Gothenburg, 25 hrs from Copenhagen.