Robert Holden


ROBERT HOLDEN – Owner, Trail Leader and Life Coach

King’s Trail Tours

Here at King’s Trail tours, we believe in the value of removing ourselves from modern life and using the wilderness to connect people to themselves in a deeper way. Our passion is using the wilderness as a setting to teach new tools for being present, and to connect more deeply and honestly with our emotions and with other people.

The results are better alignment with what you feel on the inside and what you show on the outside, something that has you feel in greater integrity with yourself. The results are being better able to deal with stress, being able to get more out of life, and learning tools which help you in all of your relationships.

As a life coach I specialize in people’s suppressed emotions and darker feelings – all the ones that society has taught you to push down and hide. I also specialize in relationships, desire, sexuality and intimacy, and what I want is to help you feel better and get more from life. I teach the lessons I’ve learned on my own journey which I share a little below.

The wilderness is very dear to my heart & I believe getting away from the chatter of the modern world, and really immersing ourselves in something new is the best way to take on these lessons, and change your life. I’m looking forward to being your guide along the way.

Into the Wild

I’ve spent my life outdoors. I grew up in a rural community and spent most of my time in the forest or fields, hunting or fishing, damming streams and climbing trees.

From the age of 13, I started hiking alone or with a friend in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. My parents weren’t outdoor people, so I went alone, taught myself and sometimes dragged a friend along. I hitch-hiked and walked around the Scottish Islands as a teenager, and as a 15 year old, I went to Norway and hiked across the Telemark for  two weeks.

Two years later I was exploring the Arctic for the first time, rowing across lakes and following rivers down into the ground.

As a teenager I also started sailing with a charity rehabilitating prisoners after prison, and we’d go on week-long voyages in yachts with 20 people on board. I became a dinghy sailing instructor at 17.

Later I would move to the Arctic, living in Abisko where I fell in love with the Kungsleden – a long distance path ending in the village, and where my tours begin.

Research and the Magnetic North

At University I studied Biology, mainly focusing on Climate Science, Ecology, Genetics and Evolution. I was fascinated by the landscape, how it was formed and how everything in it interacted. My goal was to work outside, and I became a farmland surveyor, Identifying plants, birds and insects, and later started working as a technician in Climate Science – I’d live at remote field sites, and organize field teams, equipment and sampling campaigns, as well as performing analysis on all of our samples, building new pieces of equipment to solve problems and performing repairs on others.

I began a PhD, with fieldwork in Northern Sweden, eventually moving there a few years later, and taking a job with Swedish Polar Research, running a greenhouse-gas monitoring station for the government, and generally helping scientists out wherever I could.

I worked for two years on Icebreaker Oden, a Swedish ship that took me to Northern Greenland, Svalbard and the Geographic North Pole. I worked as a Science Technician, triaging scientists problems, jumping in and helping out where I could. I was also a polar bear-guard, a helicopter controller and also a fireman on the helicopter squad.

Working on the ship was an incredible experience that changed my life – I loved the community and intensity. I love being in the wilderness and having to fix problems with whatever and whomever I have around me, often with the wrong tools, no spare parts, and no manuals. I love it when things go wrong and new challenges are thrown our way.

Best Self & North Pole

A few years ago, as I arrived at the North Pole, something I had wanted as a small kid, I realized how meaningless life felt. Everyone around me seemed to be content in the hamster wheel—happy pretending they were having a good time. We were missing truth—the type of honesty that would create real connection, and the feeling that people really cared about each other. This frustration led me to a life coaching program and a deep inward journey, which ended up changing every area of my life for the better.

King’s Trail Tours combines my love for the outdoors and the wilderness with the skills and attention to feel and say the truth therefor creating connection, trust and confidence.

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Owner at the Geographic North Pole, August 2016